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Black’s Law Dictionary defines a lawyer as “A person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor……… whose business it is to give legal advice or assistance in relation to any cause or matter whatever.”

Of course, the successful practice of law combines tradition, knowledge, experience and integrity. But, at Wasser & Russ, we fervently believe that clients are entitled to much more.

We team up with clients as staunch allies, creative problem solvers, aggressive advocates, trusted advisors and take-charge innovators. As befits a nimble law firm of exceptional quality, our solutions are pragmatic, insightful and cost-effective. Our clients receive the highest quality legal guidance from accomplished, skilled partners and senior attorneys, and do so at a streamlined, efficient and transparent fee structure.

This unique professional style has resulted in relationships and confidences with our clients, large and small, public and private, lasting decades in length.

We are a select group of seasoned attorneys with diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise. Each of us excels in different practice areas and the synergy created by our flexible team approach enables us to help our clients succeed and thrive.