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We provide counsel to the insurance industry in many areas, including: corporate and regulatory compliance, business agreements, general agency and claims administration agreements, litigation, program business, due diligence, insolvency, liquidation, fraud and conversion, reinsurance, licensing and bad faith. Our attorneys boast a breadth and depth of sophisticated insurance experience unusual in a small firm environment. We provide comprehensive counseling, litigation, arbitration and transactional services to insurance companies, reinsurers and general agents and third-party claims administrators.


We provide the insurance industry with the full gamut of regulatory compliance and company licensing services throughout the United States. We guide clients through market conduct and other investigations; company formation, licensing throughout the 50 states, acquisition and reorganization; holding company requirements and limitations; policy form and rate provisions; investment limitations; capital requirements and financial (risk-based capital) benchmarks; and insolvency and receivership proceedings.


Wasser & Russ attorneys represent and defend insurance companies, agents, TPA’s and brokers in litigation claims against other insurers, reinsurers, general agents, and/or claims administrators, with respect to claims such as conversion, accountings, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and/or negligence in connection with insurance business. We engage in insurance-related litigation in the Federal and State courts, and in multi-district litigation, throughout the United States of America.


Wasser & Russ attorneys negotiate and document insurance transactions of all kinds, including those between and among insurers, reinsurers, agents and/or claims administrators. We also counsel insurers, agents and administrators regarding policy and claims administration, termination, run-off, liquidation, subrogation, and other financial risk management techniques. Wasser & Russ clients enjoy the fact that we bring to the table the skill to address the most sophisticated and pressured insurance issues with the highest level of quality within an economical and transparent fee structure.