Estate Planning
Estate Planning
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The intergenerational transfer of wealth can become a fertile ground for acrimony if once close family relationships have grown difficult and unforgiving, and planning has been inadequate.


We aggressively litigate estate and gift disputes in the New York Surrogate’s Court, including disputed Wills, accounting proceedings, gift contests, title and ownership disputes, discovery and turn-over proceedings, restraints, undue influence, capacity, heirship proceedings and claims arising within family businesses and family relationships. Wasser & Russ attorneys have litigated the disposition of estates and bequests, large and small, and can quickly get to the heart of estate disputes for efficient disposition.


Because we litigate estate and gift disputes, we can effectively counsel individuals on the distribution of their estates to family members with a practiced eye towards minimizing future bitterness and rancor. We recognize that estate practice involves more than just money. We seek to ensure that distribution schemes do not fracture intimate family relationships and wreak havoc on emotional bonds of support built over a lifetime. Federal and state gift and estate tax statutes are in constant flux. Dilligent attention to the ever changing landscape enables us to effectively estate plan for United States residents and persons living outside the United States owning US property. Wasser & Russ attorneys utilize available techniques to maximize estate tax savings and ensure the maximum flow of wealth to the next generation.


Wasser & Russ attorneys will work confidentially and intimately with individuals seeking to prepare their Wills. We provide the warmth and personal touch to assure individuals that their final requests will be honored. Additionally, and without pressure, we guide our clients on the need for Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies and Living Wills.


We guide and help family members on the submission of Wills for probate and related Surrogate’s Court proceedings, in implementing the decedent’s estate plan, including post-mortem planning, and in marshalling, liquidating and distributing estate assets. Our clients enjoy the fact that we bring to the table the skill to address complex and emotionally charged estate matters with the highest level of quality, sensitivity and discretion within an efficient and transparent fee structure.