Corporate Transactions
Corporate Transactions
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Manhattan is a robust business center where businesses of every sort are located or seek to establish a presence. Wasser & Russ attorneys excel at guiding businesses in New York, throughout the United States and internationally through all phases of commercial and business transactions, including: organization, formation and licensing; acquisitions, asset sales, stock sales, secured and unsecured loans and all manner of financing; letters of credit, joint ventures, marketing and distribution relationships; leasing and subleasing, agency agreements; shareholder Issues; litigation management; employment matters; corporate counseling; and work-outs.

Our clients come from all areas of business including, to name a few: real estate, insurance, fine art and collectibles, finance, information technology, manufacturing, retail, trade show, medical, legal, accounting, banking, wholesale, consulting, sports, education, entertainment, sound studio, hospitals, higher education, communication, research & development, waste management, promotion and public relations, garment, restaurant, publishing, construction, hedge fund, transportation and private investigations.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and we at Wasser & Russ take this simple adage to heart. Diligence is the key to a successful commercial transaction and to the prevention of disputes which may lead to litigation.

Our clients enjoy the fact that we bring to the table the ability and skill to address the most sophisticated, sensitive and pressured business transactions with the highest level of quality within an economical and transparent fee structure.