Art Law
Art Law
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The world of fine art and collectibles is a dynamic and captivating field, but there are traps for the unwary and even good faith participants remain vulnerable to the actions of unscrupulous parties.

The attorneys at Wasser & Russ represent all parties in the fine arts community including: auction houses, art galleries, art appraisers, art consultants and experts, agents, undisclosed and partially disclosed principals, art collectors, art Investors and owners.

We focus on controversies arising as a result of auctions, private sales and purchases, consignments, financing, theft, storage, valuation, creation and installation of fine art and collectibles. These disputes involve issues such as: authenticity, title and ownership, provenance, theft, conversion, undue influence, bailment, storage, fraud, entrustment, principal-agent relationships, statute of limitations, laches, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), breach of warranty, nonpayment, default, re-sale and deficiency claims, attribution, moral rights, cultural heritage and artifacts, replevin and recovery. We also provide services to clients with respect to their disposition of artworks, such as private sales, with discretion and confidentiality for the buyer and seller.

We bring creativity and savvy business judgment to dispute resolution. These values infuse our approach and allow us to aggressively litigate fine art disputes in the state and federal courts throughout the United States in multiple jurisdictions and with multiple parties, with economy and a common sense ability to balance litigation costs and benefits against a client’s bottom line.