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Adam H. Russ is an accomplished litigator admitted to practice in New York, Massachusetts and Illinois. Born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Russ moved to New York in 1996…learn more

Douglas F. Wasser

Douglas F. Wasser, a founding partner of Wasser & Russ, LLP, is an AV rated business and real estate attorney with quality experience in commercial real estate, commercial…learn more

Isaac Alony

Mr. Alony has legal experience in a wide range of areas, including business, general and real estate litigation and transactions and probate of wills and estates…learn more

Robert J. Gurland

Robert J. Gurland is of counsel to the firm. Mr. Gurland has had extensive experience in the fields of entertainment, real estate and publishing law…learn more

Jonathan Kline

Mr. Kline is a litigator and business lawyer, devoting a substantial portion of his practice to representing insurers, reinsurers, insurance brokers in business…learn more