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It takes teamwork, vision and communication to get the complex deal done.

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Justice should be aggressively pursued with creativity and common sense.

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Expertise and insight tempered by mature experience will produce effective results.

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Art Law

Where alluring deals and vivid human stories can mask legal traps for the unwary.

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A little about us
A little about us — home page
The attorneys at Wasser & Russ, LLP, combine innovation, results and cost-effectiveness. Our lawyers are accomplished as corporate attorneys and legal advisors to small corporations, large public companies, as well as individuals. learn more | read our blog

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Some Perspective on Arbitration (Let’s Get Ready to Rumble)

It has become somewhat fashionable to badmouth arbitration.  The New York Times recently published a series of articles criticizing arbitration and focusing on some of the problems and abuses that have…

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“A monkey, an animal-rights organization and a primatologist walk into federal court to sue for infringement of the monkey’s claimed copyright.” No, this isn’t a setup for a joke made…

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Mediation Defined  Mediation is a conflict resolution process.  Black’s Law Dictionary defines mediation as: “Private, informal dispute resolution process in which a neutral third person, the mediator, helps disputing parties…

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