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It takes teamwork, vision and communication to get the complex deal done.

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Justice should be aggressively pursued with creativity and common sense.

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Expertise and insight tempered by mature experience will produce effective results.

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Art Law

Where alluring deals and vivid human stories can mask legal traps for the unwary.

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The attorneys at Wasser & Russ, LLP, combine innovation, results and cost-effectiveness. Our lawyers are accomplished as corporate attorneys and legal advisors to small corporations, large public companies, as well as individuals. learn more | read our blog

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Mediation Defined  Mediation is a conflict resolution process.  Black’s Law Dictionary defines mediation as: “Private, informal dispute resolution process in which a neutral third person, the mediator, helps disputing parties…

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The Soviets must have been the “good” tyrants. Stolen art becomes Stalin’s art.

Holocaust art recovery cases are the most compelling cases in fine art law. We cheer for the families who have spent generations trying to recover their priceless treasures systematically stolen…

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The Inconvenient Truth About The First Amendment: It Protects Crude And Offensive Messages (Words v. Actions)

Them’s Fighting Words.  Or, are they? Three years ago, Willian Barboza, then a 21-year-old student, received a speeding ticket in Liberty, New York. Barboza, clearly incensed, returned the speeding ticket…

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